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Recycled Bamboo bus Shelter : Eco-friendly Model

An innovative eco-friendly model of bus shelter have been enunciated by a couple from Hyderabad

Prashant Lingam and Aruna Kappagantula have experimented first recycled Bus shelter at Uppal. They say Bamboo is an eco-friendly option for other materials like wood, iron and plastic. They started their social enterprise named Bamboo House in 2006 where they build houses, furniture and structures using bamboo as alternative to wood, iron, plastic and steel.  They have also started a drive named Recycle India but their focus area of work basically targeted projects based on Bamboo and its practical utility in construction. There were many constraining factors in their ladder of success like acceptance of such models in market and unavailability of sufficient raw resources. These constraints were not able to stop their efforts and in 2013 there were able to crystallise their dream and they effectively put forth the model of Bamboo house and they continued getting projects further from private and MNC/s. The success of the model is leading them and their team to construct largest Bamboo conference hall in the city initiated by the local municipal body.

Prashant and his wife Aruna

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