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Bamboo Bicycles of Ghana - New Factory at Gyedu

Its an interesting fact that an idea of Bamboo Bicycles have taken its shape in reality. A local bamboo bicycle factory have been established at Gyedu in Ghana for the manufacturing of Bamboo Bicycle. Its not only an eco friendly step towards environment conservation and according to the manager of factory Mr. Amos Agyepong, factory was established in last September and in this short span 24 apprentice have been working to manufacture 50 bicycles. He also adds that very soon they are likely to acquire few hectare for the production of bamboo in their own lands . Skilled bamboo bicycle trainings can be imparted to the youth for the socio – economic development of the area and can undertake a social responsibility of being participants in go green drive “ movement and give contribution to the human welfare for the coming generation.   

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