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World Famous Bamboo Bridge of Kampong Cham(Cambodia)

Bamboo Bridge of Kampong cham (Cambodia) is the world's longest bridge made fully from Bamboo. The Bridge is a unique structure made every year after the rainy season and is a major tourist attraction in the region. The Bridge is almost a kilometer long, made after the water of the Mekong river subsides and stays until the next year when Mekong river surges.

The Bridge connects Kampong Cham to the island of Koh Paen, During monsoon when the water of Mekong river rises the locals use boats and ferry to travel to the island, but in dry seasons when the water is too shallow for boats to operate the bridge is the only medium for travel.
The sturdy bridge is the used not only by pedestrian or bicycles but also for motorbikes and cars, Some even say it can even withstand trucks.

The bridge requires approximately 50000 pieces of bamboo, and costs around $60000 a year to build and maintain. The cost of building and maintaining the bridge is recouped by charging a small toll.

Though It is a most popular tourist attraction of the region, it is not going to last long say locals. The government is building a concrete bridge nearby for the locals which is in its final stage. The new bridge will be free for the users and could be used throughout the year.
It is already a costly affair to build and maintain bamboo bridge, with reduced income from toll after the new bridge becomes operational, it
is not practical to make bridge next year says locals.

So this might be the last year for the Iconic Bamboo Bridge, which is not merely a medium of travel and a source of tourism which helps island's economy, but also a tradition. A tradition since early 30's which might not be there in 2018.

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