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Indian Consumer Products giant launches Bamboo Bike 'Bambusa'

Godrej Lawkim, a subsidiary of Godrej Group, A business conglomerate from India has launched a range of bicycles named 'Bambusa' built from bamboo. As of Now these bikes are launched in limited quantities(Just 25 of them) at a price tag of Indian Rupees 40000 (~ USD 625) and are only available through crowdfunding portal fueladream.com.

Though the frames of these bikes are special and unique but most parts used in it are easily replaceable and commonly available. But don't mistake it for any common bike as it sports an 8-speed Shimano Gears.

Vijay Crishna, Executive Director of the Lawkin Motors Group, was so inspired by the strength, agility and design of the bikes made from the green steel when he experienced a bike that had been ridden the entire length of North and South America. No wonder the bike was made by iconic bike designer Craig Calfee. Soon he invited Craig to design this environment-friendly product for him. Craig trained the team of the Godrej Lawkim to make initial prototypes.

The company claims to have tested these Bamboo bikes from Kanyakumari(Southern most part of India) to Khardung-La (Northern most part of India) during monsoon and bikes performed really well. The total journey travelled was 4400 KMS in 65 days.

Bamboo is an ideal material for building bicycles. Bamboo's tensile strength can exceed that of carbon fibre, aluminium and steel and compression strength can exceed that of concrete. The plant's natural fibres perform extremely well in reducing natural vibration as well as the stiffness of the ride. Bamboo's unique tensile strength and its attribute of being 4 times as absorbent as carbon fibre, provides a smoother ride even on bad roads.
Also, Using Bamboo instead of Steel, Aluminium or carbon fibre helps us reduce the carbon footprint because it consumes no energy to make the bamboo frame
Styles white saddle tone
brown saddle tones
Quantity 25
Price 40000 INR
Gears 8-speed Shimano gear.
Seat post: 27.2 mm Diameter
Fork Tube: 1-1/8''
Front derailleur clamp: 35 mm
Weight 9-12 Kgs (Varies)
bamboo species Pseudo-Oxytenanthera Stocksii
Tested Load Bearing Capacity Upto 100 Kgs
Dimensions (Frame Size) 44" From Axle to Axle
68" Tire to Tire
Height at Seat fully extended(ie 12") 42 Inches off the ground
Bicycle parts (Tyres, Disc brakes, mudguard) Standard
Bicycle components Imported from Taiwan

for more details visit : Crowd Funding Page 


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