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International Bamboo Organ Festival

St. Joseph Church of Las Piñas is very special for bamboo lovers as it houses world oldest and only unique organ pipes made entirely of bamboo. Made in early 19th century, Father Diego Cera started working on the organ in the year 1816 and the organ was completed in 1824. After having seen lots of natural calamities like earthquake, floods etc the organ was restored many times and is still in full working condition. The organ was declared a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines in the year 2003. And it has been a popular tourist attraction for local as well as international tourists.

The Major restoration work was done in 5th May 1975 by  Johannes Klais Orgelbau factory in Bonn, Germany and it was returned to Philippines on 13th March, 1975. This started a tradition of yearly cultural and music festival known as International Bamboo Organ Festival, Organised by Bamboo Organ Foundation. This year is the festival will be held from  16th to 22th february 2017.

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