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Bamboo Trains of Cambodia

Locally known as Norry is one of a kind improvised rail vehicle made by bamboo which runs on single track meter gauge between Battambang and Poipet area of Cambodia. The Journey provides an unique all-time rail journey experience.
It consists of a 3M long wooden frame covered with slats made of very thin and light bamboo and it rests on two barbell like wheels connected to a small engine with fan belts. The design of norry enables it to disassemble and assemble quickly. In the event of crossing another norry from opposite side, one of them, which has the least passengers or luggage among them, quickly disassembles on the side of track giving way for the other one.
A norry generally transports around 15 people at a speed of 15 Kilometers per hour. A norry could be used to carry a weight upto three tonnes.
With the improved infrastructure and transportation system there is less and less use of norry among locals these days, But they are operational as there is a lot of tourist interest in the this ingenious system. Seeing the tourist interest the government is planning to relocate it in some other area of province.


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