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Govt of State of Assam (India) Seeks investments in Bamboo Sector

State of Assam is seeking investments in Bamboo, food processing, plastic and tea sectors. The state has also planned five industrial parks including bamboo, food processing and petrochemicals and is also working on a new land policy.

 Additional chief secretary to Assam industries and commerce department, Ravi Capoor said, "It has been found investment led by subsidy attraction is not sustainable. Hence, we have consciously decided to focus on industries based on our core strength."
 "Assam is still primarily agrarian economy with 80 per cent of population engaged in it. By default, we have organic produce which holds enormous potential for investment in the state," Capoor said.
 "We are calling all plyboard makers to invest in our bamboo park for producing wood out of bamboo. We produce 60 per cent of bamboo of the country," he said.
 According to the states' Industry and Commerce Minister the state is expecting to attract an investment of around 700 Million USD.

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